How To Choose The Right LMS For Your Business

Several business functions had to start working on the cloud overnight, all thanks to the international emergency that kept everyone in their homes. While many business functions were also disrupted, some were delayed due to the absence of the right tools in place.

If you are reading this article, chances are, employee training was one such function in your case. 

If you’re a corporate training administrator or just someone trying to do something productive with their time, if you’ve just started accumulating the tools you need to deploy online training, some immediate decisions need to be taken.

One such decision is choosing the right learning management system (LMS).

Choosing the wrong learning management system might turn out to be a costly disaster. For starters, a learning management system, even affordable ones, is generally a large investment.

Moreover, LMS plays a critical role in the development and deployment of your course content. Choosing a complex LMS can cause serious delays in the delivery of your course material.

Finally, the LMS is a significant part of the learner’s experience. Choosing a difficult-to-use LMS will harm retention and engagement numbers.

Now that we have established that choosing an LMS is a decision that is best taken diligently, let’s look at what you must look for in your next LMS:

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If you have read this far, you must have understood the importance of user-friendliness. Intuitive user experience in Learning Management System enables learning administrators to make full use of their features, allowing them to create immersive learning experiences that leave a lasting impression.

At the same time, for learners, user-friendliness in an LMS allows them to focus on their course curriculum, instead of having to learn the ropes of the LMS beforehand. 

This is crucial for businesses and course owners alike. For businesses, a complex LMS can mean spending paid hours learning how the learning management system works. 

At the same time, the complex user experience may mean poor customer experience for a course owner, which may negatively affect their future enrolment numbers.

A good example of a Learning Management System with an intuitive user interface is Teachr. The LMS is supported by the same team that has developed the platform and they will be happy to help you customize the experience of the user interface and dashboards. 

Essential Features

Modern learning management systems come loaded with a variety of features that allow course administrators and creators to make their course curriculum more engaging.

From the ability to break long-form lessons into bite-sized micro-learning modules to gamification features and features that enable social learning, modern learning management system is designed to keep the needs of modern learners in mind.

That being said, the flexibility and usefulness of these features may vary from one learning management system to another. Also, there may be cases where you make more use of one particular feature or ability of an LMS than the others. In such cases, specialized learning management systems are in place.

Teachr LMS that specializes in helping learning administrators create immersive video courses.

Tracking And Reporting Abilities

Tracking learner progress and generating reports that facilitate growth and improvement are some of the most advantageous features of learning management systems.

From being able to track the progress of individual students to understand how each student interacts with each lesson, modern LMS can generate insightful reports that help you understand how to help your learners/students better.

However, not all LMS are made the same and similar, not all of them are equally capable of offering in-depth reports. For this reason, understanding the tracking and reporting capabilities of the prospective LMS becomes one of the most pressing considerations when making a purchase.


These were our top three metrics to consider while checking whether a particular LMS fits your needs. What other considerations do you have when you make such a decision? Share with us in the comments section below!